Ah, I forgot to post a bonus feature today! Okay…

If you read through the entirety of my last post, this won’t be any new information, but I know a lot of you would have skipped a large portion of it because it was such a long entry. So here it is.

If Death got pregnant in July, and the comic progressed at the same speed as real-life time, they’d be finding out the gender of the baby in December, unless some new technology will be able to tell the gender earlier, like by reading the chromosomes, which is possible. So congratulations, Kenny and Death, it’ll be a GIRL! I still haven’t started designing her yet, especially because merging a fox(with some feline DNA) with a lemming(with a large amount of baboon DNA) is tricky. Which chromosomes will be dominant? What color is her fur? How big will her ears be? I still have no idea.

I’ve also made no progress in updating the 3D model. After the ferrets and lemmings move in, they will make several changes. I have a placeholder for the ferret government’s tower there, but the shape is all I have. I was hoping to have some in-progress pictures to share with you. I hope I can get some work done on those this weekend, but I DID take December off because I’m just too busy, so we’ll see. I don’t know what I’ll have to share on Monday yet. One of the things I’ve been filling my time with is simply catching up on things like reading comics. I subscribe to too many comics and have been a few weeks behind for too long. I read some Thanksgiving comics last night. I’m also a couple weeks behind on watching My Little Pony.

Now one more thing: Does anybody have any questions about the comic now that it’s ended? Any loose ends? With the comic finished, and the next comic trying to be self-contained without requiring having read Kenny Chronicles, I believe I’ve wrapped things up nicely, but a cartoonist is often lousy at seeing things from the readers’ point of view. I’ll try not to give any spoilers to Ferrets Vs Lemmings, but I might answer some questions about that as well.

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  1. zarpaulus says:

    How could Death be a lemming with two baboon parents (aside from the obvious implication).

    • Well, technically she has ONE baboon parent, considering her mom had an affair with a lemming. As for why she doesn’t seem to have any baboon features, most of the obvious traits are certainly from her birth dad, but both parents have brown fur, and Death did get her mom’s muscle & bone structure(she got her dad’s short legs, although I’ve drawn them a normal length too often), and she got her mother’s butt.
      She could be called a baboon-lemming, but Kenny could also be called a cat-fox, but it’s easier to identify them by their most prominent features. As for their child, ech, I don’t know. A baboon-butted flemming? Over many generations, the species lines will really blur.