Bonus content: ORIGINAL Ook Island story from 2006

How far ahead do I plan things? Well, actually, Ook Island was a one-off story when I wrote it on March 9, 2006. It wasn’t until early in 2010(Kenny Chronicles started April 2008) when I realized that this story could be incorporated with my sequel idea of two governments sharing the same property(which dates back to October 2009 at the LATEST). The name of the island was inspired by the local “Cook Street” sign being obstructed by a light pole. That’s right, the name came before the monkeys.

The story has changed a little over the years, but that’s expected to happen. I don’t know for sure how long the monkeys and cats have been on the island, but I know it’s not as long as this story says. Until maybe mid-2011, it was planned to be a real dirt-and-rock island, and judging by this story also bigger. Too many wolves for such a small area.

Here’s the original story, as posted on LiveJournal on May 9, 2006(copyright is the only edit):

The year “15(TAR)” refers to it being 15 years after the first Tarneki was created. They were to have their own calendar based on that. It also means 15 years in the future. This was back when the calendar was always moving, so in 2006, Ook Island would have been established in 2021, but in 2026 if read today. But it doesn’t matter, because this story isn’t canon, it’s just the inspiration for the current version.

The wolf and sign were drawn on paper, then the inks were overlayed on this.

 (original Livejournal post from 2006)

Special features will update on Monday and Thursday for the rest of the year. I’d say I have enough content to do that.

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