Some Gore For Your Halloween Pleasure, And Other Interruptions

Some Gore For Your Halloween Pleasure, And Other Interruptions

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     Posted: October 31st, 2011
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If you haven’t heard, the comic is moving to a Monday-Wednesday-Friday schedule. No, I don’t have extra time and no, I’m not feeling generous, I simply have to get this storyline finished by Thanksgiving(in the U.S.) and there’s no way that’s happening with a twice-a-week schedule. Main reason would be that I don’t update on Thanksgiving(few people post or read comics that day), and this storyline can’t get interrupted by that. I also can’t have it drift into December. I was worried that it would have to be 5-a-week, but thankfully it played out to 11 more comics(including this one) when I scripted it out yesterday.

…which leads me to that number you see at the top of the comic. This storyline was plotted out back in April, and probably started when Kenny graduated(a start of a new storyline in anybody’s life). 10 comics remain in this storyline now. The next comic will have a 9. When the number reaches zero on November 23rd, something big will happen. In fact, a few big things will happen. Surprises will occur between now and then and characters’ lives will be changed. That is all I will say about the next 10 comics.

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    Hmmm, waste not, want not! =^^=