Ammo Gonna Run Out

Ammo Gonna Run Out

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     Posted: October 20th, 2011
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I saw a James Bond movie once and I was astounded at how lousy the henchmen’s aim was. Bond wasn’t even trying to avoid the bullets as he skid down the mountain. I can only assume that the henchmen in the Rambo movies are the same, considering the parody of that in UHF where the last henchman was mere inches from Weird Al’s chest and still missing.

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  1. Tbolt says:

    Heh, you see Hollywood henchmen seem to neglect a recent advance in firearms technology. There are these things on top of most firearms called sights. When one actually uses them, it is truly amazing how much one’s accuracy increases!

    (Then these’s this advanced technique called “leading the target” Really good for winning those accelerated Matrix gunfights! =^^= )