I C Wut U Did Thar!

Okay, so last night I wanted to post a joke link to www.ICWutUDidThar.com, but you know what I found? IT WASN’T TAKEN! There was no www.ICWutUDidThar.com! After a little deliberation, I GRABBED IT. The meme seems to have been around since at least 2008, according to the Urban Dictionary, and I’m sure it’s still popular.

The purpose will basically be for people to have a link for the catch phrase, possibly as a joke link like how I used it. I already have Google ads, a Twitter search widget(displaying recent tweets containing “icwutudidthar”), and a Zazzle store. The store is a little sparse right now, but I hope to get it filled a little more.

Future Plans: I hope to use it as a url shortener so people can link to other ICWut pictures under this domain, and I might install WordPress so people can post pictures directly as well. Not sure how interactive I want it to be(likely a lot of moderating), but the Twitter widget is plenty for now.

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