And To The Right, You’ll See Ook Island…

And To The Right, You’ll See Ook Island…

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     Posted: September 22nd, 2011
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This is what my icon will look like when I comment

That set took me 16 hours to build. In one night. I torture myself sometimes. (OH HEY BTW, THE MODEL CHANGED DRASTICALLY AFTER THIS, I’M VERY LATE IN UPDATING THIS COMIC)
Ook Island has gone through quite a few variations since I first decided to go there several months ago. In fact, the version before this one was scrapped just 24 hours ago, which pushed my schedule wayyyyy too close. Basically, none of the previous designs would work. At all.
I tried to get everything in its final state(not including fine details) with this comic so there won’t be any inconsistencies in upcoming comics(I almost forgot a key location!), but I’m quite sure some things will change anyway. It’s a good thing all the lights were going to be out anyway, otherwise I might have less wiggle room with edits.

Edit: I made more changes than the wiggle room allowed.

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  1. Tbolt says:

    Interesting, more like a platform than an island!

    I’m curious to see what they will find! =^^=

  2. Rafael Santos says:

    It looks like a oil platform.
    Also, greetings from Brazil!! :3