About That Island…

About That Island…

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     Posted: September 15th, 2011
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Kenny accidentally got 1,000 Boat Rent credits in this comic from long ago.

I really wasn’t sure if I’d have a comic today since I will have just traveled for 5 hours yesterday(I’m writing this before the trip), but I wound up doing this one at the same time as the previous one, and had it mostly finished Monday morning. Then I finished it Wednesday morning, as well as a wallpaper traced from the last panel(available on the Extras page). That wallpaper took longer than I intended. Another reason I was tempted to take a break is because I still don’t have Ook Island finished. I have the basic layout set, but I only have 3 buildings roughly shaped, and the rest is a rough idea in my mind. It’s set to appear next Thursday, so I’m going to be busy.

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