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     Posted: August 22nd, 2011
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This comic may be late for the same reason as last Monday(sleep deprivation), but this time I actually woke up in the morning! WHOA!!! That doesn’t happen enough. If I could choose a sleep schedule and actually follow it, I’d choose to wake up at 6am, go for an hour-long walk, then get to cartooning. Alas, I’m always starting my cartooning at midnight. I’ll keep trying to change my sleep schedule.
Also, this comic was plotted out way back in April, so no, it wasn’t inspired by my sleep issues. It’s inspired by my trying to use Pandora Radio to help me sleep. Seriously, they should choose appropriate ads for the stations.

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  1. JA_of_MN says:

    Did you know that the ‘Smooth Jazz’ joke in Portal 2 is funny to all ages, genders, and races of people?

    • I didn’t even know there was a smooth jazz joke in Portal 2. I’ll likely finally play Portal 2 as soon as it’s offered up for free like they did with Portal 1, although I still haven’t played Portal 1 yet, despite having it.

  2. Tbolt says:

    That is one advantage of listening to NPR. No commercials, and the DJ’s sound like they are about to fall asleep themselves! =^^=