How To Make Any Image Better

How To Make Any Image Better

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     Posted: June 23rd, 2011
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I saw an article once(update: HERE it is! Thanks, Salamander.) that said that the way to fix a bad drawing was to put a cute puppy in front of it. Or maybe a dog. Either way, I mixed a few ideas together for this one, including that bizarre trope you see in crime scene investigation shows where they’re doing impossible zooms with the camera and the boss always yells, “ENHANCE!”. If there were an “ENHANCE!” feature in the editing software, it would be automatic after the zoom. You don’t have to scream in the guy’s ear, sir.

BTW, I’ve made the “Enhancement Dog” downloadable in its full resolution if anybody wants to use it. I’m not even adding a copyright notice because that would make it look tacky. Then again, maybe if you zoom in16x, enhance, scan over to a reflection on its tongue, enhance, enhance again, zoom in on a reflection across the room from the dog, then type in “©2011 Garrett Williams”, you’ll find that copyright.

Enhancement Dog

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  1. LordWorpeltinger says:
    This is what you’re talking about huh?

  2. Salamander says:

    I believe the article was this: How to draw anything in 1 step

  3. skunkboy says:

    Best image filter ever …

  4. JA_of_MN says:

    This marks the second time Kenny has had sex, the other was with that purple-haired girl on the Prude ship.