A Weird Al tribute album! This rocks!

GREAT tribute album! Harry Potter fans MUST listen to “Dumbledore”, a parody of “Hardware Store”.
Bloody brilliant.

From this FuMP post:

Proceeds from the album go to aid the Weird Al Star Fund and Make the Rock Hall Weird, organizations geared towards getting Al a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, and to get him inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame! (Proceeds also go to the artists, the producers, and Weird Al’s publisher.)

There are many ways to buy this thing. Pick the one to your liking!
Physical CD (PayPal)
BandCamp (digital download in any format you like)
CDBaby (digital download, physical CDs in stock soon)

You can stream all the songs for free on the Bandcamp page.

Plus: it’s Weird Al approved!

ALSO! Weird Al’s next official album hits stores on June 21st! Click the Alfred below for info & track listing on Amazon.com!

You can pre-order it from that link, but be sure to choose 2-day shipping if you want it ON the release day. While clicking the link sends a small amount my way, I personally recommend buying it at a local store to ensure that there’s no waiting & to avoid shipping costs. Then again, if you can’t get to a store on Tuesday and must have it that morning, extra shipping could be worth it.

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