Don’t forget to share!

I’ve noticed that most of the Kenny Chronicles comics on StumbleUpon are rather old, so I’d just like to remind everybody that sharing the comic on social media sites is definitely encouraged*. I know that it’s kinda lame to actually ASK people to share the comic, but isn’t an ad for Coke simply them asking us to buy their product? The idea is to make sure people think of Coke, or in this case, using the buttons that I’ve provided a handy graphic of using extra-lame 1990’s 16-color gif technology for comic relief.

Isn’t retro great? Anyway, those buttons provide the corresponding social media site with that specific post’s address, even if it’s on the home page. That last button, the one that looks like a series of crop circles in a field of illegal substances, slides out a menu with even more options if you prefer a different site, like Menéame or MySpace. There’s a search tool on it too, because even the obscure social media sites can bring traffic.

So yeah, this is just me making sure you don’t forget to use those handy buttons. They really do make sharing easy.

*Preferably only the best ones, the ones that someone who’s never read the comic before could enjoy. I do try to aim each comic for newcomers, though, so that shouldn’t be too hard.

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