Death has an imposter! @thefakedeath (also, fan art)

It was bound to happen some day. It’s popular to impersonate a celebrity or fictional character on Twitter, and Death is no exception. Somebody has set up an @TheFakeDeath account and is posting stuff on her behalf! They have no intent of stopping, either. Check out some of this imposter’s tweets below, if Javascript is enabled…

Follow @TheFakeDeath to keep up with these shenanigans. She’ll be posting all through today, then keeping a rough schedule of maybe 1 tweet a day on weekdays.

ALSO, I did some fan art for the Mighty Monocle which you can find at, appropriately enough(good choice, sir). I’m rather proud of my picture(here’s a direct link), so you should definitely check it out there. The comic it’s based on is funny, too, so check that out while you’re there ogling at my linework. The comic just started, so it really won’t take long to dive through the archives. In fact, just doggy-paddle through the archives, as diving might break your neck.
The Mighty Monocle is about an American superhero that wasn’t good enough for New York- in fact he was hazardous to New York, so they sent him over to England. Can he build a better reputation for himself over there? Ehhh, don’t count on it if your life depended on it. And if your life depended on it, let’s hope his canine sidekick gets to you first.

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