Kenny World update: progress halted

Kennyland is still going strong(as is the Halloween attraction for some reason), but it turns out Kenny World is more space than I can currently fill, so I’ll focus on some other Second Life theme park projects while I do some more planning. I was building a 256×256 meter theme park in Second Life, and besides the roller coaster that I haven’t started building, I wound up with some spacious gaps in the design. This was a good start, though, and gave me some new sets for the comic. In fact, the comic where Kenny ran into the railing with his flying shoes used part of Kenny World for the set, as well as when Kenny tried to get Death in the pool a couple months ago. Lots of useful building done in the time I had that land.
…but the main reason was funding. I was sharing the region with some other people(I had all of a certain elevation so I wouldn’t interfere with other builds) and there were financial issues beyond the group’s control. Hopefully we can get restarted on the project later this year(maybe with a business plan?), but at the moment I’m planning on just incorporating elements from Kenny World into Kennyland because really, besides the floors, I haven’t made any more things than can already fit into Kennyland.

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