I Don’t Think He Can Read Your Mind

I Don’t Think He Can Read Your Mind

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     Posted: February 3rd, 2011
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As I watched the first Superman movie(with Christopher Reeve), I kept asking myself over and over, “How is it even possible for Superman to hold Lois like that while flying?”. I’m very sure that Lois doesn’t get flying powers while she’s touching Superman. At one point, he’s only holding on to her hand while both her hands are outstretched. To see the scene I’m referring to, click here to see it on YouTube. I wish this video allowed embedding.

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  1. Forecaster says:

    Shouldn’t he be wearing the cuffs?
    Did you forget to draw them? :3

  2. mastermenthe says:

    I love your comic. spent the last few days going the archives, from the very first one you made.
    It’s weird, and has a common sense that seems nonsensical, but not to me!
    The art still sucks, but your style is growing stronger, so the crappy artwork is slowly being balanced out by a defined style.
    Your jokes and punchlines are amazingly original, in the respect that you have found the magic that hides in the whimsical thought and the insanity in the awkward moments.
    I hope you never stop, and that your style and/or artwork continues to grow and improve!

    • Heh, thanks for the compliments. I find that the writing is the most important part of a comic, as well as originality, so it’s really nice to get positive feedback on those aspects, especially in the detail that you put into the comment. A “LOL” is nice to get, but it’s even nicer when somebody puts this much specificity into a comment.