Tarneki Tech Expo 3

Tarneki Tech Expo 3

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     Posted: January 10th, 2011
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I went rappelling once. That harness has to be SUPER-TIGHT! If it’s not, then it hurts even more when your entire weight is resting on those narrow cords. If you wore a backpack-style levitation device, you’d need a full parachuting harness, otherwise it would pull your shoulders out of whack. A rappelling harness is only good if you’re bouncing down a wall & have a rope to hold on to. If we’re ever to have CASUAL WEAR levitation devices, it would have to be built into the shoes and basically rode like skates(which unfortunately also have to be tight). Even that would be unstable, but I have one more thing to add to the mix in the next comic that will make it viable.

Oh, and I think the steepest I rappelled was a 45 degree hill. I was CLOSE to rappelling down a tower in JROTC, but when the tower is swaying back and forth and you’re shorter than the arm rails and you hear the boards cracking and people are pushing and the wind is blowing hard and you’re shorter than the arm rails… self-preservation kicks in. Seriously, the rails were eye-level for me, so with a push or a strong breeze it was just something to hit my head on on my way down.

Oh, and the logo on the shoe is a “TT”, even though it looks kinda like pi.

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  1. Zir says:

    Giraffe looks very creepy in panel #3.

    And I think any stable personal levitation devices would be similar to Segways