That big font sale is coming again

(Just a reminder: I’m taking Thursdays off this month, so this is the last no-comic Thursday until next December. And now, a special message for cartoonists & graphic designers…)

Want a quality font for your comic? One that isn’t used by every other comic? This weekend, Comicraft is holding their annual New Year’s Day sale where all their fonts, including ones that normally cost more than $300, are sold for $20 and some change. The price is always based on the year, so this weekend, you can get a font for $20.11. I used this sale a few years ago for the font I currently use on Kenny Chronicles. It was a $99 font(International version), so I got 79.7% off during New Year’s Day 2009! Yay! If you need a great font for either a comic, logo, commercial illustration, or whatever, I highly recommend taking advantage of this one-day-only sale. Find it at

And because I’m not benefiting in any way from the link, I’ll also point you to Blambot. They’re the most-used font source for webcomics(as far as I know), because of their wide selection of free fonts. The pay fonts cost $20 every day. If you need international characters, be sure to check the font’s info, because not all of them have the necessary accent marks. Believe me, adding accent marks & upside-down punctuation is too much work if you don’t have an international font. I was mixing 3 different fonts on the Spanish version before I bought “¡Los Vampiros!” on Comicraft’s sale, and even then I had to draw accent marks manually on some letters.

Whatever you do, DON’T USE COMIC SANS.

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