Toy Story 3, and their amazing translation

WOW. Just… WOW. Amazing movie!
Pixar doesn’t need the great graphics to have a blockbuster. Their movies could look like Dexter’s Laboratory or Space Ghost Coast To Coast, and as long as they keep the same writers they’d do awesome(well, Pixar DID create that Night & Day short, after all, which was close in technology). That said, I really appreciate the time & effort they put into their 3D modeling & character design. Oh man, I really wanted to pause & take in all the detail they put into Andy’s room(I did, eventually). I wish I could take the time to put that much effort into the backgrounds of Kenny Chronicles. I still don’t know what all is in Kenny’s room. When most of your belongings are incorporated into your computer devices(collar, wall, holograms), what’s left to clutter a room? Mostly cups & animal bones.

I would’ve liked to have been on their toy design team, too! I wouldn’t have changed anything though, lol! Lotso looks incredibly huggable! Perfect for the part of the evil overlord of Sunnyside Daycare, LOL!
I must examine this film in-depth. I know that color choices & lighting play a part in how the audience feels, in addition to the story. There are so many things in play here that make it so great.

They got a great replacement for the late Jim Varney to voice the Slinky Dog. Sounds just like him.
Also, TOTORO! That was a happy surprise, seeing him in the background A LOT. Never watched that show, but I couldn’t help thinking, “….Totoro???”
I rented this for 3 nights, watching it 4 times(only twice in English).
I really wanted to watch the director commentary. It lists some features available on the DVD/Blu-Ray release “available in stores”, which includes the filmmakers’ commentary. I don’t feel like buying the Blu-Ray version, especially since I don’t have a Blu-Ray player. Not sure I ever will, really. Dang, I’d like to watch that commentary, though, and it lists it as being on the DVD in that combo pack. Tempting.

A huge list of stuff hidden in the background during Toy Story 3:…..3-easter-eggs/ (Really interesting read)

Things noticed while watching the Spanish version, & later the French version:
(images are clickable for larger versions)

Universidad - box from Spanish Toy Story 3They… translated the words on signs & buttons directly on the objects? Y’know I had wondered how long it would take before somebody decided to render the words separately & swap that layer for different languages. Looks natural, like it was the original render. They didn’t translate every written word, just the important ones in the foreground. It’s really important in kids movies, anyway. Disney has always re-recorded the songs in the other languages, something not always done in films. Sweeney Todd, for instance, kept the original singing, which meant switching languages VERY frequently. In Tarzan, Disney even kept the same singer for English, Spanish & French! I think there was another language that he sang in, but I don’t remember which.
I can sing Hakuna Matata in 5 languages, btw. Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, & English. Still working on Cantonese & Hungarian.
The box says “Universidad”! Nice. They probably left Buzz’s labels in English because they didn’t translate them in the first movie, or it could be because they’re iconic. Oh, and trash bags, I guess wasn’t important enough to translate. You can tell what they are. Maybe the box was created by a different crew?
Guardería Sunnyside - Sunnyside Daycare in SpanishLOL! The instruction manual was translated too, small print & all! My favorite bit of CGI in the movie was how “Sunnyside Daycare” was translated on the sign, which even involved scooting the “Sunnyside”(un-translated, being a name) down to accommodate the switched word order.
Spanish Buzz is still Spanish-speaking Buzz, heh, but Jessie calls him… Romantic Buzz! I think that’s an appropriate modification for the Spanish version. The internets are saying that he’s speaking in a heavy Spain accent, Andalucian to be exact(never heard of that one, it’s in the south & is where bullfighting originated), at least for the Spain version. In the non-Spain version, it’s the same accent as in our version, which is an Iberian accent(the name of the entire peninsula Spain’s a part of), so, I guess a “normal” Spanish accent, albeit a bit thick. And flamboyant. Dance, Buzz!
And when Hamm said that he can’t read the way to fix Spanish Buzz because it’s in Spanish, the Spanish version has him saying it’s in Japanese.
Credits: The credits aren’t translated? That’s odd. They do have the standard tack-on credits for the translation & voices, mixed in with the music at the end. All handwriting in the end-credits scenes are also translated. Wow.

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