New Halloween Attraction In Second Life

New Halloween Attraction In Second Life

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     Posted: October 14th, 2010
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I’ve finally gotten this project out in the open!
If you have Second Life(& a fast computer), come tour the Veterinary Hospital Of Horror between now and Halloween! I’ll be adding more stuff between now and then, so visit more than once! It’s free to go through, and is subsidized by the vendors out front(& on the roof). Speaking of those, I’ve just released a set of bloody bandages for Second Life avatars, available out front(visible above & in yesterday’s blog post). I sold 2 on the first day, which was encouraging. I didn’t even have the hospital on the ground yet.

I’ve enlisted the help of some friends to help decorate the hospital, so even I don’t know what to expect! I hope to have more pictures around Halloween, and hopefully they won’t replace a comic update like today. Seriously, I meant to have this ready October 1st, so I’ve been extremely busy tonight trying for at least an October 13th opening.

So kick around the “Cones of shame” in the storage room! See what tools our doctor uses for neutering(saw blade)! See our shiny new morgue! The morgue happens to be the exit, too… bwahahahaha!!!


UPDATE: Oops! Almost forgot to change the parcel’s music away from the Double Rainbow video, lol! That definitely won’t match! “OMG OMG WOOOOO!!!!” Haven’t found any Halloween stations yet, so what else… hmmm, ah yes. 1940’s radio! VERY spooky, especially when the building looks like it’s from that decade(ghost music!), and when you least expect it. People entering the building will be coming from a walkway playing electronic music. Heehee, perfect. Really, Halloween music might not fit the look of the hospital anyway. Does “Monster Mash” make a place feel spooky? NO!

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