Toonfest talk!

I was so surprised when I opened iTunes today and found that Tom Racine(Tall Tale Radio) interviewed John Hambrock(The Brilliant Mind Of Edison Lee), and talked about his recent visit to Toonfest in Marceline! I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but Tom has a perfect track record for enthralling interviews with cartoonists, so I KNOW that it will be a great interview, especially if you love comics as much as I do. If anything, listen to it just for Tom’s amazing voice. He could do an audiobook for Twilight and I’d still buy it, his voice is that good.

Visit Tall Tale Features to listen to the interview by clicking here.

I still haven’t created my writeup for Toonfest. In fact, I just unloaded the camera’s card yesterday(Toonfest was Sept. 18th). Until I get around to it, here’s John Hambrock in the parade:

John Hambrock at Toonfest parade

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