Friday Feature: Broken Plot Device

Apologies to the rss readers, Twitterers and Facebook peeps who got this link of the week early, unfinished, and TWICE in past weeks.
This week’s Link Of The Week is Broken Plot Device, centered around an easy-going coffee-lovin’ lizard(LizardBeth), a no-nonsense cougar(Max), a lion pirate(Sid), a magical dragon(Inix), a nerd iguana(Zig), a skirt-chasing wolf(Sylver), a mole named “Sunny”(appropriate name), an affectionate little robot dino(Rex), and a ninja(Phil). But mostly Liz, who happens to own a nuclear hoodie that Zig invented.

Lis Boriss has a lot of drawing experience, and it shows in the artwork. I was a fan of her art even before this comic launched. Liz is definitely modeled after Lis quite a bit, right down to being a cartoonist, so she does tread the line of being a “Mary Sue”-type character at first(definition is built into this sentence), but she has enough character flaws to keep her interesting, and the story keeps getting better. There’s currently a ninja spying on them, 2 tiny demons running around in the basement, and magical mayhem is about to happen. Lis is keeping up a good pace with the story. I just now read the entire archives again and am spotting so many things I missed the first time, and a few things that came into play later in the story. Mikey the plushy has always been around, in the background. There are lots of details in the story and the art. I recommend reading it from the beginning to fully understand everything in it, like what that “attack fetus” is.

Broken Plot Device is a consistently funny comic with a great story and EXCELLENT art. You can also buy the book, called “Nuclear Hoodie“, which makes for a very cool name. I’d rate this comic PG for some language and a little robot dino that just wants to be loved.

Broken Plot Device can be found at the appropriately-named

Example comic of Broken Plot Device

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