Link of the Week: Wild Ones

Bunnies with bazookas!

Wild Ones is a Facebook game which pits 2-6 random players against each other and sets them loose with rockets, bombs, grenades and more. I love fighting games with cute characters! I wouldn’t mind if they added some blood to it, but that’s just personal preference.
You start out the game with a dog, whose special weapon is a bomb shaped like a bone. After you level up a little, you get to add a bunny(superjumps!). You can customize the colors however you like, so I made myself a mini-Kenny! After you level up some more, you can buy a panda(punching power), and later a monkey(can climb walls, dude).

The game was already pretty cool in alpha testing, so I was excited when it finally went into beta mode. Playdom keeps adding more stuff and has a forum where you can suggest more features. I’m eager to find what they add next. They recently added a heart-shaped bomb for Valentine’s Day, as seen on the left.

Click here to let the fur fly! BUT IN ADDITION… when you join, friend me on Facebook with a message asking to be my neighbor on Wild Ones! Neighbors can send each other free gifts, and I need people to give and receive weapons.

While I’m on the subject of Facebook, I should also point out the Kenny Chronicles fan page. I keep an archive of old vote incentives and post site updates there, plus there are ways for fans to contribute to the fun in usual Facebook fashion.

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