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This week’s link is for Doc Rat, a comic that features a lot of medical humor that will easily be funny to the general public. Jenner is a VERY talented artist, and apparently a doctor as well(write what you know). Usually the comics will play on words, although recently he’s had a storyline where the doctor(Benjamin Rat) has recently proposed to the dentist lady, right after fighting off a gang.

The comic isn’t the only feature on the website, though. There’s also a monthly caption contest! At the top, there’s a link that says “Prizes!”. If you click on it this month, you’ll see a puppy carrying a bedpan and a syringe. Submit a funny caption for that, and Jenner will send you the original artwork with your words added! There’s a link to the previous winners(and LOTS of great honourable mentions) from that page and from the home page. I’ve submitted one caption so far. It’s hard to come up with a funny caption or word bubble for someone else’s art.

The only nitpick I’d have is the lack of an rss feed, but I know of some workarounds. I haven’t shared my unofficial feed with anybody yet because there’s a 1-day delay due to the latest comic not being listed on the archives, plus some services don’t show it properly(works well in Google Reader). You can subscribe to that feed here. Another workaround is RSSPECT, which creates an rss feed based on when a page has changed. Unfortunately, it only tells you that it has updated, making it hard to pick up where you left off if you missed a few strips.

I’m glad that I’m able to keep up with this comic. It’s funny, it’s consistent, and it’s well-drawn. You can find it at

A shot is a shot

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