Link Of The Week: The Book Of Biff

It’s time for another link of the week! Going down my list of watched comics, the next one in alphabetical order is… The Book Of Biff.

The Book Of Biff is a single-panel weekdaily comic that focuses on Biff, a bizarre individual(whom I doubt is fully human) with huge eyebrows and a line for a mouth. He’ll often discover things like the green stuff with his sushi is NOT mint-flavored, or that having a detachable nose is a valuable asset for any babysitter. He occasionally visits the moon, grows mashed potatoes, and mixes tragically incompatible hobbies.
Chris Hallbeck does great visual gags, and is consistently funny. In addition to that, the blog posts underneath each comic are ALSO always entertaining. Usually he’ll tell of some related experience, which is scary enough that he’d actually have a related experience to what’s happening to Biff.

You can go enjoy the comic at, and remember to watch out for his invisible green car.

The Book Of Biff - Acetylene

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