Pants On The Ground

Pants On The Ground

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     Posted: January 25th, 2010
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This is what my icon will look like when I comment

Apparently there’s a new hit song called “Pants On The Ground”, about the ridiculousness of extra-baggy pants. Apparently there’s a fan page on Facebook for the song, too. (Update: looks like it’s on Amazon MP3 now, too! Added it to the Kenny Audibles widget.)

And speaking of Facebook, did you know that there’s now a Facebook fan page for Kenny Chronicles? It’s a good way to keep up with the comic, chat with other fans, and see all the past vote incentives after they’re gone from TopWebComics.

And speaking of vote incentives, if you vote for Kenny Chronicles on TopWebComics this week, you get to see a sketch of a lemur(possibly a future character, although really someone just urged me to draw a lemur) before it’s posted publicly on Facebook next week.

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  1. Tbolt says:

    For some people it is a dream, for others, harsh reality! =^^=

  2. Zaiki says: