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This week, I’d like to share with you: Sasquatch. Or the yeti. Whatever you call him, also call him Charles Christopher because that’s his name.

Charles Christopher is a BEAUTIFULLY-drawn comic by Karl Kerschl(as if you couldn’t tell from the image), who happens to be a professional cartoonist(obvious in his art). He’s worked on such comics as Superman, Teen Titans, and The Flash! The art is both immersive and dynamic. The humor is silly and charming.

The story mostly focuses on Charles, although it bounces around to the various creatures of Cedar Forest. The skunks and the raccoons have been my favorite characters so far. Karl mixes very expressive, human-like expressions with realistically-drawn forest critters as if they’ve always talked like that. The skunks’ trademark thumbs-up always makes me giggle. Oh, and otters. There’s a storyline with otters!
But, it’s not all giggles and drunk sparrows. There are some serious storylines in there, mostly focusing on Vivol, the former circus bear that is now a respected resident of the forest. I personally prefer when the stories are funny, but the occasional character-building gives a lot more depth to the experience. These are characters that people care about, and the comments certainly back that statement up strongly. I’ve never seen a cheery sidekick character get so much response as Townsen.

The following strip, which is from my birthday, represents the comic pretty well:
The new world is taking a bath

Go read the comic at! I highly recommend starting at the beginning. The latest comic has humans speaking, which is downright out of the ordinary for this comic, hence the sample strip above. The comic updates every Wednesday.

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