She Knows… okay neither of them know

She Knows… okay neither of them know

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     Posted: November 5th, 2009
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This is what my icon will look like when I comment

This wasn’t originally going to be a weekend cliffhanger, but it sorta morphed, alot, during the sketching phase.

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  1. zarpaulus says:

    Apparently security on this ship is a lot more lax than on the prude ship. And what is that symbol on the gun?

  2. Zaiki says:

    That is the most ghetto gun I’ve ever seen… “I shall shoot you with this polished pipe!”

  3. Tbolt says:

    Not bad work on the pistol, the perspective is good. Looks like it has a very small grip, though, but I like the clean lines on the barrel! =^^=

    Hee, hee the most ghetto gun I’ve seen was a gold plated Desert Eagle with Tiger stripes! Runner-up was a Taurus PT 92 (imitation Beretta) with a red anodized aluminum frame, gold and chrome plated accents, and official I-be-pimpin’ pearl grips…

    What, I’m a gun nut? How could you tell? =^^;

    • Zaiki says:

      I once saw somebody selling a shotgun. It was literally a pipe with a handle. And it works.

      • Tbolt says:

        Hee, hee nothing like being back to the basics!

        A friend of mine did a lot of skeet / trap. He had his cheapo K-Mart brand shotgun against guys who toted italian works of art. They laughed at him…

        Until he started to outscore them! :D
        “I’ve fired this thing since I was 12, I think I know which way the pellets are going to spray!” =^^=