Dead Skunk Smell

Dead Skunk Smell

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     Posted: October 29th, 2009
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I didn’t realize how appropriate it was to have Aber start the strip out with “Something smells weird” until his HUGE NOSE blocked out Lulz’s ENTIRE face in the sketch.

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  1. Zaiki says:

    Lulz? Really?

  2. zarpaulus says:

    The last one was totally unexpected, but what happened next was completely predictable.
    Currently I’m estimating a 12% chance that they will report Kenny to security (does Tarnation even have a justice system?), a 30% chance that they kidnap Patrick, and a 55% chance that they just try to kill Kenny (those bastards).

  3. Tbolt says:

    Albeit, if they do report Kenny, theoretically, the video footage from Funky’s robot should clear him…

    Next up CST Tarnation! =^^=