“Funky, freaky, fluffy!”

I just discovered a comic that I suppose is called “mycartoons.org“, whose tagline is “Funky, freaky, fluffy”(I think this should be the comic’s name). It’s filled with dark humor, and is consistently funny! Here are 3 good examples of his comic: SHARK!BUNNY!TEDDY BEAR!

I’m reading the entire archives and will continue to read it as it’s produced.

It’s also available in both English & German(“Bunt, bissig, böse”!), which helps my foreign sound effects dictionary out tremendously! One German comic had 4 different car honk sound effects! Jackpot! Also, one of his comics is the reason I’ve started putting “mature” warnings on some reference links. Currently, there are still some untranslated comics. I read from the most recent(#217) to #90, and after finding a sudden concentration of untranslated comics between 90-100, I decided I’ll check 1-100 later if they get translated. I recommend starting from the most recent and going back as far as you feel like going, since there’s no ongoing story to follow.

I plan on posting reviews of all my favorite comics starting in January(can’t introduce comics while they’re doing Christmas specials or on break), but I couldn’t wait to share this. The English version just went online last month, and I’m very excited about it.
Check it out!

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