Do you create or translate a multi-lingual comic? Maybe you want to add a little local flair to your wording.

I have created the world’s first(far as I know) foreign sound effects dictionary. Cats don’t say “meow” in any other language(except Urdu). In fact, in Japanese, cats say “nya!”. If you want your sound effects to be understood in another language, or at the very least not draw away from the story because your spelling is weird, a dictionary is essential. Unfortunately, no standard dictionaries offer sound effects. I had to fix this.

My first plans were to create a list of Spanish sound effects on this site to help me with the Spanish version of the Kenny Chronicles. It would be nice if others could contribute, though. So I made it a wiki. This offers many more possibilities. Considering there wasn’t already something like this for other languages, and I do read comics in other languages, I decided to expand it. I’m starting with 6 languages, but I have a backlog of data that can expand that to 17 languages(not including Wikipedia). In fact, I still have a backlog of data(comic archives) for Spanish, French and German sound effects, so I still have a lot to contribute. I hope to eventually have every single modern language on there.

If your language isn’t listed, and you can contribute some sound effects, go ahead and create the page! Just do a search for your language pair(ex. “English-Russian”) and click “create this page”. The template will already be filled out with words that need translating. Complete as many or few entries as you want. If the language uses a different alphabet, you can use either the local alphabet or a romanized version. Preferably both.

Check it out at

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  1. cathbad says:

    This is an excellent initiative !
    I’ve bookmarked it (some time ago to be true :)
    See you.