On vacation September 14-20th

Next week, I’m going to Toonfest to chat it up with other cartoonists, including the art director for MAD Magazine. I’m also visiting family there.
Since I’ll be so busy, I won’t be drawing any comics for the 14th and 17th. I do plan to update some, but no comics. One update will be the announcement of a new resource for cartoonists I’m putting together.

Toonfest happens every year in Marceline, MO. This year it’s the 18th & 19th, with most things happening on Saturday the 19th. This year’s lineup of speakers are Wiley Miller(Non Sequitor), Mark Fiore(political cartoonist), Dave Mowder(Hallmark illustrator), and Sam Viviano(MAD Magazine art director). For more information, visit Toonfest.net.

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