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     Posted: July 31st, 2009
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Stay tuned Monday, when Kenny wakes up! I hope you enjoyed the (week)daily comics this month. The schedule will return to the normal 2 days a week schedule, but I’m not going to cut down updates that drastically so quickly. Each Friday of August, I’m also going to post fan art that I’ve gotten in the 1.5 years that Kenny Chronicles has been going. I also have a multilingual cartoonists’ resource in the works that I hope to announce in August.

AND FINALLY, to wrap up all this ninja fun, Think Geek has ninja star coat hangers! I’m so tempted to get a few of these. One tip is replaced with a nickel-plated zinc alloy screw so you can just screw it in anywhere, and it looks like it was stuck forcefully in there. Also available are ninja star pushpins! Attack your cubicle wall with them!

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