Toonfest coming up September 19th

As is my habit, I’ll be making the long trek up to Marceline, MO(boyhood home of Walt Disney, and me as well) for Toonfest. The main events will be Saturday, September 19th, but I do urge you to walk around the day before, too.

This year’s cartoonist guests include editorial cartoonist Mark Fiore; creator of the comic strip Non Sequitor Wiley Miller; Hallmark Cards cartoonist David Mowder; and MAD Magazine art director Sam Viviano.

There’s a great parade in the morning with the cartoonists as the grand marshals. Plenty of events throughout the morning/afternoon. The highlight for me is when the cartoonists talk about their work at the Uptown Theater. VERY insightful, and so awesome to meet famous cartoonists. If you’re a cartoonist, this will be of very special interest to you. They also do free sketches!

Other cartoonists come to join the fun, many including original art in the gallery across from Ripley Park. I’ve had art there twice, and I might have some there this year, too. Since all my comics are now digitally-drawn, I don’t have many originals to choose from.

Big thanks to Tom Richmond for mentioning the lineup in his blog. I didn’t know that was announced yet.

Toonfest Website.

Galleries of my past Toonfests.

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