Did He Just Change In The Middle Of The Store?

Did He Just Change In The Middle Of The Store?

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     Posted: March 26th, 2009
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  1. matt says:

    Pft pants.. who needs ’em ;)

  2. @matt:

    YOU DO! Put those back on!

  3. Baree says:

    This comic is starting to confuse me. First I thought they were kids, then there was a certain adventure in a dumpster, then they get kidnapped, then they are at school (and all the time I am wondering where the parents are) and now there is a mother.

    Still, I don’t think I ever saw this joke before. 10 points for originality.

  4. @Baree:

    Kenny is 15. He goes to school, plus he has a job or two sometimes. Child labor laws don’t exist where he lives.
    It’s always good to find out what confuses readers so I can keep things clear. I’m considering giving some extra background next month when the comic hits one year old.

  5. Junker says:

    It’s not so much that he changed in the store, it’s that he seems to have changed in front of his mother.lol
    Seriously though, awesome comic. =D

  6. Urthdigger says:

    Considering he got nabbed by security to be brought in to someone who apparently likes seeing him naked, I bet it was fun :P