Resolutions for 2009

After the dudes of  Webcomics Weekly discussed their New Year’s resolutions in their latest podcast, I decided that I actually DO have some resolutions for this year! So, even though we’re already 11 days into the year, here are my New Year’s resolutions for 2009:

  1. Build a buffer. I’ve considered making the update time be a different time than everybody else’s update time, but I think anything after midnight is considered “late”. I need to stop updating at 6am. To do that, I need to stop finishing my comic at 6am.
  2. Construir un buffer. The Spanish version of Kenny Chronicles normally updates at 11pm on the update day because I have a day job that I need to be awake for. I need the Spanish version online at 12:01 am on the update day. This means having the English version finished at least an hour before that.
  3. Speed production time to 3 hours, or get paid for the full 6 hours I normally take. I do this for free, yikes. Figuring all work on the comic, including translation and website stuff, this is often a 20 hour per week job. I know I can speed myself up. Getting a new computer would help.
  4. Better art, better stories. Coupling #3 & #4 will be difficult. This will come with practice.
  5. Watch more movies. Yes, they actually fuel the imagination.
  6. Get linked to by somebody popular! Pleeeeeease??? I’ve seen other comics thrive tremendously from this happening. One happened to have a popular friend, another simply struck a chord with another popular person. Then the traffic stuck because they were awesome.
  7. Draw every day. Preferably on the comic. I currently do the comic all in one shift. Remember me saying it takes roughly 6 hours? Break, please!

In addition, here are some specific plans for 2009:

  • Site redesign. This has to wait until ComicPress 2.7 comes out, plus my development time. I have a layout planned that looks nothing like the standard ComicPress theme. I want to look different than the other webcomics.
  • Offer prints. Income. This is currently planned to be included with the redesign, but doesn’t HAVE to wait for that.
  • Include a fan art page. Planned for site redesign, but doesn’t have to wait for that either. I have 3 Kenny fan arts already, just so you know.
  • Start including sub-sites related to the comic. One business in the comic has a site in the works. Waiting for site before introducing its name.
  • Create merchandise in addition to prints. I have a store, but it’s all old designs. These will be discontinued as soon as I have new stuff to sell.
  • Secret projects. They’re secret because I probably won’t find the time to actually do them.

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