Tieni I Pelli

Tieni I Pelli

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     Posted: December 4th, 2008
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I normally comb my hair back. Sometimes, hair fairies come and comb my hair while I’m sleeping, and it’ll be perfectly-combed FORWARD when I wake up. Since it’s already neat, and usually won’t comb back very well afterward, I just keep it that way. Inevitably, somebody points out that I got a haircut, and this strip plays out.
It makes me wonder, though. Every time somebody gets a haircut, everybody HAS to compliment the haircut. It’s never a so-so, it’s never just an acknowledgment, it’s ALWAYS a compliment. What I wonder is, do people just want everybody to be bald? If haircuts require compliments, surely we should just go all the way. “Nice haircut” is fine, but I want total admiration.

As for the title of this comic, “Tieni I Peli” will only be recognized by Italians who listen to Leone Di Lernia(site’s in Italian)…. or by me and a friend or two. I don’t have an Italian comic going(yet?), so I’ll use the hairy song title here. The song is about a guy who really needs a haircut, sung to the tune of “Baby Baby”. Mostly it’s his eyebrows and nose hairs that need cutting, though. Italian lyrics are here.

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  1. zanarhi says:

    Ey, just saw this page on FA, and decided to check it out. Found the link to here quick enough. It may not be the best drawn webcomic I’ve ever seen, but I enjoyed what I read so far. So I’ll be following where this one goes. I do hope we will get to see the Fennec more often though… didn’t even see a name.

    Since I am a webcomic addict, I always check out the links on a new webcomic as well, and so far I think Doc Rat is promising and I already read the archives of The Abominable Charles Christopher… Freakishly bizarre, but I will have to follow that as well. Thanks for sharing those.

  2. @Zanarhi Sounds like you’re talking about Kenny’s cousin, John. I really like the design of John, and the fact that I named him makes it likely he’ll show up again. Btw, if you ever wonder what a character’s name is, you’ll likely see it in the tags for that comic. I plan on a character list(with images) on the homepage whenever I get around to my site redesign. Currently, though, I don’t expect John to be a main enough character for the homepage.

    I’m glad I’ve introduced you to Doc Rat and Charles Christopher. Two beautiful comics.
    I also see that your icon has a clear background, because my “OMG no icon” icon is showing through. It’s like, “OMG…. A CAT WITH A FEESH!” now. :D

  3. zanarhi says:

    I wondered what that black thing was… :P Forgot I made the background see-through. That would explain it.

    (And since I didn’t actually commented on this particular comic before… I myself have very easy hair. I usually don’t even bother combing it, it falls neatly into place anyway.)