Damnit, Janet, I can’t hear you

Figured I’d give an update about the Rocky Horror Picture Show I saw last night. I feared this might happen: when you go to a theater filled with people who have already seen the movie, many of whom have seen it over a hundred times, everybody’s yelling stuff out from time to time. Add to that, though, that yelling stuff out is ENCOURAGED, it’s really an event for people who already love the movie. I had never seen the movie before, and watched the trailer just the day before. I’ll have to rent the DVD so I can find out what actually happened in the movie. DID they actually do any time warps?
Also, add in the fact that there were audio difficulties.
All that said, going to an “interactive” showing of the Rocky Horror Picture Show is a fun event. Prop bags were sold, so at the appropriate moments, you were likely to get hit in the eye with rice, toast, toilet paper or a playing card. The concession stand surely enjoyed it, because after I did my fair share of yelling, I needed a drink. Drink sales were surely strong with everybody else doing more yelling than me. I plan on going next year(they did it last year too, so I’m guessing this is an annual thing now), and hopefully I’ll have drank something that has loosened me up a bit. It’s within walking distance, so that’s fine. I hope to watch the movie in silence with good speakers/headphones at least 3 times between now and then.

“Don’t run into the tree that makes you sing! Oh shit.”
*gets a craving for meatloaf*

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  1. Chris Flick says:

    Hey Garrett, by now, I think you’ll know not to sit in the BACK ROW the next year when you go to Rocky Horror again. But to answer your question, when it comes to PLOT, it’s best not to put too much thought into the story. The LESS you think about the logic or plot of Rocky Horror, the better off you’ll be. That’s probably why it became such an “interactive” movie – because there were so many “story problems”. :-)

    But to answer your actual question, no, there wasn’t an actual “Time Warp” – although Dr. Frankenfurter did arrive on earth via spaceship.

    Now that you’re no longer a “virgin” – and if you want to increase your enjoyment for next year – you should get the soundtrack. It’s still available on CD. If you REALLY want to increase your experience for next year though, you could try finding a recording of the INTERACTIVE soundtrack. It’s extremely rare but you might still be able to find it somewhere on Vinyl. The interactive recording was done in New York city way back when Rocky Horror first became a huge cult hit.


  2. Well, I do have Time Warp on CD, part of a Dr. Demento collection. I actually sat in the middle, in the perfect spot for watching a movie. However, sitting in the back probably would’ve been better, because the rear speakers were the only ones working!
    At this showing, all “virgins” to the interactive shows had a V drawn on their forehead. Initiation was shorter than I expected. Embarrassing, but quick.