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     Posted: September 8th, 2008
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No, I’m not an animal rights activist, despite what this comic looks like. It’s really more of a statement on waste. I’m actually quite carnivorous.

This comic was originally longer, but the timing is MUCH better this way. Click here for the deleted scenes.

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  1. Jim Ford says:

    This chicken comic is brilliant. BRILLIANT. The shortened version is better, but it adds so much knowing that there are deleted scenes.

  2. scourge says:

    I think this every day when not enough people buy the pizza at our restaurant, and I have to watch Rae throw the unused pies in the bin…

  3. @scourge:

    And remember, I work at a chicken restaurant, so I see WHOLE CHICKENS wasted. I’ve saved a few chickens worth of fried meat, but I can only eat so much. This job might actually turn me vegetarian. Or get me fat from all the free fried food. Frugality is winning at the moment.