A mudslinging good time

A mudslinging good time

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     Posted: August 25th, 2008
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Wtf a human. Yes, there are humans in the world of this comic.
I don’t see why politicians proudly put their sticker of approval on such hateful ads. I know, they’re supposed to say that they approve of their ads, but I’d expect fewer ads like that as a result. I don’t vote for people who only have bad things to say, and as a result I don’t vote.

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  1. scourge says:

    Well, you could do me a favor and drop a ballot in the box for Obama… purely because due to moving to New York at the exact time I did, I won’t be able to vote in this election :P I don’t actually expect you to do this, but if you’re not busy on the 4th…

    You can vote for Mickey Mouse or Gordon Shumway in all other aspects of goverment if you really don’t care :D