12 12 plot

12 12 plot

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     Posted: August 18th, 2008
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This is a contest entry for the 12-12 project created by the Art & Story hosts. They have a selection of headlines from the December 12th newspaper of some year, and a selection of objects. You randomly choose 3 headlines and 3 objects, then make a comic incorporating them.
These were my headlines:

  1. Miss Martie wins Horse Race
  2. Senator confesses upon retirement
  3. Ukranian leader poisoned

These were my objects:

  1. Black cat
  2. Xylophone
  3. Ham

Tomorrow is most likely the deadline for getting your own comic in the running. The deadline is officially “When Art & Story 52 goes live on the website”, and usually it goes up on a Tuesday. The winner is chosen at random, so artists of all skill levels have an equal chance at winning. The purpose of this is to jog the creativity and have fun. I gotta say, it WAS pretty fun. I love creative challenges. I plan on using this technique for ideas in the future.

Because of this contest, I’m introducing Midnight Jackson about a year sooner than I expected, AND I’m introducing the new color-coded bar on the comic. I plan on jumping around the timeline, so anything before Kenny was born will have a brown title bar so things don’t get too confusing. The black bar will always indicate Kenny’s teenage years, where the comic will spend most of its time.

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