Under Pressure

Under Pressure

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     Posted: August 11th, 2008
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Admit it, you were looking at Kenny’s crotch in the last panel, weren’t you?

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  1. Carlisle says:

    Funny. And I like how you colored it too. Is that water color or photoshop? That’s smart having your main character a black and white cat. That way, you can save some time in the coloring process.

  2. Thanks. It’s 100% Photoshop. Before July, I was doing these 100% ink on bristol board(coloring in Photoshop), and I’m doing my best to replicate that effect digitally.
    Kenny’s actually a fox, I tend to make that snout a little short and soft. Well, he does have some cat in his ancestry(there was a wild party, y’see…). Kenny’s been using up a lot of ink(and inking time), so I’m glad I got a Wacom tablet. Mostly, the black fur helps in the black and white strips to make him pop out more.