Father’s Day coming up!

When thinking of Father’s Day coming up, I couldn’t help thinking of the Father Of The Pride cartoon that lasted a few episodes before it was canned. It was a hilarious cartoon aimed at adults that aired on ABC, and I believe this is what did it in. ABC has a bad record for adult-oriented cartoons. Just think of Clerks. No, Father Of The Pride belonged on Comedy Central or Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim. On ABC, people expected something more kid-friendly. What they got was a pilot episode where Sigfried & Roy can’t get the two pandas to mate, and the female lion is in heat.

The show is about Siegfred & Roy’s animals, and the main characters are the white lions. Larry the Lion is voiced by John Goodman, so it HAS to be good!

I was so excited when I heard of its arrival to DVD just months after the show was canceled.

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