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Link Of The Week: The Kind You Don’t Take Home To Mother

World-traveler and cartoonist Ryan Estrada created a comic about a werewolf(She’s the one on the left), but this story occurs BETWEEN full moons. The comic makes great use of situational comedy, showing the guy bringing a girlfriend home so she can meet the parents, who seem very disapproving of her being a werewolf. The comic is an 8-page complete story, so don’t worry about it taking much of your time.

Here’s the big news, though: the comic is being turned into a movie! Ryan and his production team are independently creating it, and they need your help. If you help fund part of the movie, you can get anywhere from a mention in the film credits to a cameo, all the way up to having the world premiere right in your living room. There’s even an option to have your DOG featured in the movie, since the main character is a professional dog-walker.

I really want to see this movie finished. Ryan has done animation before, and has drawn comics for a significant portion of his life. He has the artistic chops to do this. If you contribute, tell them you heard about it here and a portion will be contributed to Kenny Chronicles as well! In fact, if this post leads you to get mauled by a werewolf, I’ll also contribute to have my name listed in the credits.

Whether you pay to have a cameo shot or not, read the comic. The link is right in their sidebar. I wouldn’t be making this post if there wasn’t a funny comic to link to. It’s worth reading.

Link of the groundhog upstaging

Sci-Fi Drive-ByI’d like to point your attention, this fine Groundhog Day, to Ryan Estrada’s newest Zuda submission, “Sci-Fi Drive-By“. It’s a funny comic about aliens that disguise themselves as humans, very unconvincingly. Eight pages.

But more importantly, I request that you vote for it, rate it, and add it to your Zuda favorites, because this will help Ryan get a deal with DC comics, which will in turn ALSO help fund his movie, “The Kind You Don’t Take Home To Mother“, which I really want to see finished.

To read, enjoy AND VOTE for the comic, Ryan is providing the following blatant address to help you out:

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Can Ryan Estrada make a movie in ONE MONTH?

From Ryan’s track record, I’m going to say yes, he can get a movie made in one month. He’s created a 168 page graphic novel in 168 hours, and that INCLUDES sleeping time! He’s also worked as an animator, so he knows the technical aspects of animating, too.
Ryan will be tracking the progress at, and I’ve already subscribed to the rss feed to keep track of all the updates. I look forward to seeing what he churns out.

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