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     Posted: February 4th, 2010
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A little song to celebrate the 200th Kenny Chronicles strip!

The background…. took 6 hours to build. I had to plan EVERYTHING out, so that I know what’s in the shot and what’s not in the shot. I didn’t want the kitchen sink to magically appear in a later strip where Patrick was standing. The family lives in a cramped area, so the size of the shower affects the size of the kitchen.
In fact, I’ve made a bonus voting incentive for this special occasion! If you vote for Kenny Chronicles right now, you get to see the full still-in-progress 3D model for Kenny’s home! I say “still-in-progress” because there’s still some stuff that didn’t need modeled yet, like Kenny’s closet, or the toilet paper in the bathroom. I was very close to texturing the rodent cage and filling his shelves, but those can wait.

If you missed the previous voting incentives, you can also catch them on the official Kenny Chronicles Facebook Fan Page! By voting, you get to see the pictures sooner, but if you missed one you can still see them archived there, as well as other content occasionally. It even alerts you on update days!