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The Ultimate Wedding Vows!
The Ultimate Wedding Vows!
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     Posted: November 23rd, 2011
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That’s right, that’s the end of Kenny Chronicles. But don’t worry, because Kenny & friends will be back on January 2nd in the new comic, “Ferrets Vs Lemmings”, which is set 3 years after this comic. I’m still working on the website, but you can see the placeholder at I’ll be working on that & the revamp of Ook Island throughout December & some of this month. If you’re already subscribed to the Kenny Chronicles RSS feed, your subscription will update automatically to the new comic & you won’t have to add a new subscription.
As the comic says at the bottom, I’ll be posting bonus features for the rest of the year, including behind the scenes info & previews of Ferrets Vs Lemmings. I’ll definitely be posting on Mondays, although I don’t know how much more often than that. I’ll try to post on Thursdays as well, but I haven’t planned out how many blog posts I’ll have yet.

So why is Kenny Chronicles ending, and why no warning? Well technically, I’m just changing the focus for a month and then resuming Monday & Thursday comic updates in January at a new url. Since I’m not actually stopping my cartooning, I figure it’s safe to make this a complete surprise. Also, I always lower the update schedule from Thanksgiving(U.S. holiday) to the end of the year anyway because it’s just a busy time of year for me. I’d take Thanksgiving off anyway because people don’t read webcomics as much on Thanksgiving, so that’s always a good day to start the no-Thursdays schedule.
I also don’t want to build up too huge of an archive for readers to dive into. There are cartoonists who have over 10 years of updates and a more frequent update schedule, and those archives are scary to a new reader. I’ll give you plenty of warning on when Ferrets Vs. Lemmings will end: 4 years. Most likely. Just like Kenny Chronicles. I see Kenny Chronicles as a 3-act play(each year its own act) with some crust at the beginning where I was still figuring out what the comic was. Turns out, I still have no quick “elevator pitch” for Kenny Chronicles. That’s why I created Ferrets Vs Lemmings. I have a clear idea of what this comic is about, and it’s best to separate it into a different comic.

In addition, I’m enlarging the comic, merging the Spanish version into the English site, and adding languages. Enlarging the comic is okay mid-archive, but it is a bit jarring. The merging of the English & Spanish version, however, would be extremely jarring mid-archive. Especially with how I’m doing it. I’m going to stop the time-consuming process of changing the image, and I’m switching to text-based subtitles which readers can submit. I’m very much behind on fixing translation errors(sorry, Salmy, I still have those 34 messages from years ago), and it would be easier if reader-submitted corrections could be automatically added(I’ll of course moderate submissions). This opens up the possibility of reader-submitted translations in other languages(and me-submitted occasionally, since I’ve thought of jokes in other languages before). One issue I’ve seen with other comics with fan-submitted translations is that it’s basically one person hosting them on a different site, and they burn out after a while, leaving an unfinished archive. This will allow unlimited people to collaborate on the translations in one official location. If one person burns out(less likely, since no image editing is needed), somebody else can easily pick up where they left off. I don’t have even a beta version of that set up, but I have some options I’ll try and I know how I want to do it, so I feel safe in promising that. I don’t feel safe promising a Klingon translation, though, but I’ll try to make that an option as well.

Stay tuned Monday for a “deleted scene”(more like deleted plot) that will surely make lots of people happy that I never went with it. I’m very excited about Ferrets Vs Lemmings and I hope you will be, too.

Oh, and sorry about the Rickroll >:)

And if you’re unfamiliar with what a Rickroll is, it’s when you trick somebody into watching this video:

Watch this video on YouTube.