Behind the scenes: Secret notes and Kenny: A History

In March(according to my backups) or February(judging by an early-March story arc being scheduled for after April 1st & the fact that I changed Kenny’s fate in February), I laid out the plot for the rest of the year. In this blog post, I will reveal my private notes on what was to happen and when it was to happen. There are even ideas that never happened for one reason or another. First, I will show you the oldest copy of my plans, from March 27th. Considering this is the date given by Google Docs, and I originally wrote it using OpenOffice, I’d say this version is older than that. It’s just when I moved it to Google Docs so I can edit it anywhere, like on my iPhone.

First, here’s the original layout of the events from March-November with notes on stuff that happened before, with my notes in parenthesis…

Tarnation Timeline!

0 (years in the future)
First Tarneki is created

18 (years in the future)
Tarnekis start to rebel

75 (years in the future)
something about Midnight Jackson

111 (years in the future)
Kenny has first job making levitation devices for small electronics. He was 11, but wasn’t the youngest worker.

115 (years in the future)
Lollipop is considered a new ship.
Kenny is kidnapped
Rufus likes robotics class
Kenny & Rufus are dropped off at Little Tarnation. Unsure if they’ve been there before. Rufus prefers government, Kenny is afraid of police.
Is mentioned that Kenny’s mom’s dad is dead. Probably a long time ago.

118 (years in the future, so, comics from April 2011 to the end)
April 1st: Friday. If you have a comic today, switch the Spanish and English versions & put the address as “… oh wait that can’t be right”.
Fuego finds that he can eat meat.
Kenny graduates this year at the end of May. Mom will urge him to move out on his own. There will be discussions between various characters about what they and Kenny are going to do with their lives. (originally planned to be more than one comic, but that’s all that was needed)
Kenny will rudely interrupt a discussion between Guy and Aber, not knowing that it was a business meeting.
Kenny has some other run-in with dodgeballs. (Basically, Aber threw a dodgeball at him for being Kenny)
Guy will have his last problems with ship security before deciding on his ultimate location.(well, he decided to not set the business up there, at least)
Death is getting more controlling, and this is where the “Here, Kenny Kenny Kenny” comic shows up. (referencing a comic idea I had written in my looser “comic ideas.txt” file)
Kenny decides to break up with Death, but as he’s about to tell her, she reveals happily that she’s pregnant!
Mom urges Kenny to move out. He’s 18 and engaged! Home search ensues.
Kenny is fired. Can’t get free pizza anymore. Wait, he can get free pizza? “Not anymore!” D’oh!
Death has them move to Ook Island, but they find that it’s abandoned.
Kenny and Death get married, with vows being the lyrics to Never Gonna Give You Up. (Now you know how long I’ve been waiting to do that)
Death and Guy fight on Ook Island. (Yeah, I wasn’t sure what order the last things would happen in)
Kenny is nearly killed by falling dodgeballs. (I recall this being an edit, hence the emphasis on “nearly”. Maybe I was typing this up when I mentioned Kenny’s fate to my mom, which spurred the reconsideration of why I was killing Kenny.)


And now for the last version of this file, still with unchanged early versions of ideas. The actual file has stuff for 2012 in it, too, so that’s excluded to avoid spoilers. I tried to have a complete timeline of events for continuity checking, so it’s rather long. ↓ Read the rest of this entry…

Bonus content: ORIGINAL Ook Island story from 2006

How far ahead do I plan things? Well, actually, Ook Island was a one-off story when I wrote it on March 9, 2006. It wasn’t until early in 2010(Kenny Chronicles started April 2008) when I realized that this story could be incorporated with my sequel idea of two governments sharing the same property(which dates back to October 2009 at the LATEST). The name of the island was inspired by the local “Cook Street” sign being obstructed by a light pole. That’s right, the name came before the monkeys.

The story has changed a little over the years, but that’s expected to happen. I don’t know for sure how long the monkeys and cats have been on the island, but I know it’s not as long as this story says. Until maybe mid-2011, it was planned to be a real dirt-and-rock island, and judging by this story also bigger. Too many wolves for such a small area.

Here’s the original story, as posted on LiveJournal on May 9, 2006(copyright is the only edit):

The year “15(TAR)” refers to it being 15 years after the first Tarneki was created. They were to have their own calendar based on that. It also means 15 years in the future. This was back when the calendar was always moving, so in 2006, Ook Island would have been established in 2021, but in 2026 if read today. But it doesn’t matter, because this story isn’t canon, it’s just the inspiration for the current version.

The wolf and sign were drawn on paper, then the inks were overlayed on this.

 (original Livejournal post from 2006)

Special features will update on Monday and Thursday for the rest of the year. I’d say I have enough content to do that.

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