Merry Christmas!

For Christmas, I’d like to share this Kenny Chronicles comic from 2009 that features a medley of Christmas songs. It was after Funky Skunk knocked Kenny’s tooth out with a dodgeball & before Kenny got it fixed. I’ve enlarged it, too, just because.



More bonus information

Let’s see, what else have I been meaning to mention?

Well, something that hasn’t been obvious is that all of the comics from August 25th to November 16th happened on the SAME DAY. Yes, I’m including the dream before Kenny woke up. On the same day that Kenny lost his job, Kenny and Death went to Ook Island and Kenny eventually got a new job after being knocked out by falling dodgeballs. He was unemployed for less than a day. The wonders of cartoon time.

This is one of the things that encouraged me to keep the story moving quickly, having one day spread across 2 and a half months.


In Ferrets Vs Lemmings(premiering January 2nd whether I’m ready or not), Funky Skunk’s “ghost”(actually a hallucination when Kenny is stressed or paranoid) will make more appearances. I’ll try to make it clear what he is from the start, since the comic is supposed to stand on its own without having read Kenny Chronicles. I figure there will be some comics where Kenny is talking to him without Funky being visible in the comic, too, kinda like this comic, except not visible to the reader at all.

It’ll be nice starting out with a fresh archive so I can re-introduce characters and technologies that people have forgotten. One of the problems with a large archive is that people either forget or are never introduced to certain things/characters. I was surprised at how many people commented about the wireless energy on Ook Island, considering it’s been mentioned before. I guess batteries are so prevalent that people think that’s how the flying shoes are getting their power, when in fact if you fly a few meters away from your ship, you’ll fall straight into the ocean. Tarneki Tech added some safeguards in their second generation of flying shoes after losing some of their customer base and you’ll notice in Ferrets Vs Lemmings that the first generation flying shoes(like Kenny currently has) will be banned on Ook Island without some wearable wireless power.